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Finn Business Sales is part of the largest network of business brokers in Australia, covering all states and territories. Our team delivers specialty services to privately owned businesses. Through extensive experience, we understand the special considerations of individuals, families and companies in the process of buying or selling a business. We assist buyers and sellers with valuations, business profiling, due diligence, marketing and communications, negotiations, owner approval, contracts, settlement and handover.

Selling Your Business with Finn Business Sales

Dean Demeyer


0419 382 359

Like you, specialist business broker, Dean Demeyer understands what makes a business thrive – good relationships built on open communication.

With over 3 decades of experience in Business Advisory Services, Business Consulting and Executive Coaching, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Dean’s view of business is quite unique.

His distinctive skills are a fusion of Chartered Accounting, including national awards for Marketing, Business Consulting and Entrepreneurship, and the shared philosophy with Finn Business Sales that ‘people come first’. Dean is known for his practical and effective communication style that allows him to connect with business Sellers, business Buyers and their respective advisers, on all levels.

A proud Tasmanian, Dean provides business owners with peace-of-mind as he guides them through a complex process of selling and buying businesses. He has both bought and sold dozens of businesses, including his own. You will find him to be very personable and highly professional, and driven to achieve your ultimate outcome.

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Andrew Hahn

Finn Success Stories


Satisfied Seller

“I valued my business at $450k, Finn valued it at $699k, I received an offer very close to that and settled within 3 months”


Satisfied Seller

“We were very happy with the sale price and the terms. The sale went through as smoothly as it possibly could have.”

“Our relationship with the Finn group in the settlement process is critical because they help manage the expectations of the clients, they help manage the third parties that are involved in the transactions, they are critical to a smooth sailing transition from buyer to seller, seller to buyer.”

Michael C. - Lawyer

“ The advantages of working with Finn is that they have a similar ethic to what we do, they’re very client focused, which is something we believe strongly here at Walker Wayland is, you know, our clients come first and I think that’s what Finn do very very well. The advantages also are that they have much more market intelligence than other people who do the same sort of thing that they do, so that’s the main benefits.”

John D. - Accountant

Dean Demeyer