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Finn Business Sales is part of the largest network of business brokers in Australia, covering all states and territories. Our team delivers specialty services to privately owned businesses. Through extensive experience, we understand the special considerations of individuals, families and companies in the process of buying or selling a business. We assist buyers and sellers with valuations, business profiling, due diligence, marketing and communications, negotiations, owner approval, contracts, settlement and handover.

Selling Your Business with Finn Business Sales

Daniel Callegari

Greater Melbourne

0415 378 434

Daniel is a Business Consultant with an Advisory and Brokerage firm, Finn Business Sales. He currently owns and operates the Greater Melbourne office and specialises in assisting businesses owners prepare their business for sale and maximise the value of their asset by either introducing systems to increase both revenues and profits or scale their business. Daniel also has extensive experience assisting existing business owners to sell their businesses once they have made the decision to move on. With over 10 years experience in business management and ownership, Daniel has been the Senior Manager, Founder and/or Major Shareholder in 5 different businesses and companies, ranging from small family operated concerns to large public companies.

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Andrew Hahn

Finn Success Stories


Satisfied Seller

“I valued my business at $450k, Finn valued it at $699k, I received an offer very close to that and settled within 3 months”


Satisfied Seller

“We were very happy with the sale price and the terms. The sale went through as smoothly as it possibly could have.”

“The people at Finn are very approachable, personable, they do an excellent job, otherwise we wouldn’t have been dealing with them for as long as we have. Our clients have tremendous feedback from dealing with Finn, they’re excellent at what they do and they provide great service as well.”

John D. - Accountant

“The sales process that Finn manages is very smooth, there’s generally no delays, wherever there is, in some cases for unforeseen events, all parties are fully informed and the solution’s easily resolved.”

Nigel P. - Accountant

Daniel Callegari