Buyers Advocate Group

Our Buyers Advocate Group utilizes the extensive knowledge Finn Business Brokers has built up over the years to help you achieve your desired results.

We will:
•Highlight important business information
•Guide you through the negotiation process
•Ensure a fair outcome for both you, the buyer, and the seller

Business Search Solutions
With thousands of different business types in Australia, it may be difficult to come up with a short list.

Our one one-on-one consultation will help you:
•Clarify your needs and goals
•Determine businesses that will help you reach those needs and goals
•Assist and advise you on your research and education
•Recommend expert business lawyers, business accountants, and financiers

Our Independent Advisors will:
•Review the business to determine suitability
•Advise the prospective business owner on the business model
•Provide the prospective business owner with a completed Business Advisor Certificate